Residential Solar Energy

Save on your energy bills with solar panels for your residence

Green Solutions for Your Home

At Southern Exposure Solar (SoExSo), we equip homes and businesses with green solutions that add value and save money. With our help, the transition to residential or commercial solar can go smoothly. 

Reliable Solar Power That Keeps You Going

Solar power is incredibly efficient. No matter how much power you think you go through at your home or business, the sun is up for the challenge! It’s the ultimate source of energy. Keep the lights on while being kind to the environment thanks to solar power!

Making the Switch to Green is Easy!

Don’t believe the people who tell you that going green with solar power is complex. It’s actually the easiest decision you’ll ever make! You can put an end to those steep electricity bills for good when you make the switch to commercial or residential solar power.

Minimal Impact

Of course, choosing solar energy is beneficial because it doesn’t negatively impact the environment. This is especially valuable if your business is in an industry that heavily contributes to CO2 emissions.

We service the Gulf Coast from Houston, Texas
to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama to the Florida panhandle.


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