Save on Energy Bills with Solar Energy Panels

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Save money with solar energy panels

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Save on your monthly utility bills and increase efficiency with the power of solar energy. Southern Exposure Solar can provide your home or business with the reliable, environmentally-friendly solutions you need!

Some people have the misconception that solar power is expensive, but the opposite is actually true! Our solutions allow you to gain electricity independence and save 98% on your monthly utility bills.

We sell our systems with backup batteries which keep the panels warm so that ice will not form on them. Our systems are also designed to produce power in low light situations. We have even seen them produce electricity under full moon conditions.

Solar Energy Panels

Homes and businesses of all sizes benefit from the power of renewable energy.


A long-lasting building or home must start with reliable roofing from Southern Exposure Solar.

Power from Heaven Program

Solar power can benefit nonprofits and churches too! Use the savings for more important things.

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Great results start with experienced contractors. With our combined experience of over 25 years in solar installation and extensive experience in roofing, you can rely on us for expert craftsmanship you won’t get from anyone else.

If this is your first experience with clean energy, we’re here to make it a positive one. You’ll quickly discover that our systems give you the most powerful clean energy solutions. Implementing renewable energy benefits your business and the environment.

How it Works

Southern Exposure Solar makes energy-efficient solutions easy!


We start with a free, no-obligation consultation from one of our experts.


Once we’ve decided on the services that are best for you, we put our plan in motion..


As soon as your home or business has our systems in place, you can start saving big.

We service the Gulf Coast from Houston, Texas
to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama to the Florida panhandle.


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